Tuesday, 21 February 2012

At Sea Crossing The Equator - Again

Saturday February 18th - Day 45

We are now crossing the equator from south to north towards the Maldives. It will only be the new people, both guests and crew, who have not yet crossed the equator and are therefore pollywogs who will have to go through the traditional right of passage ceremony to appease King Neptune.
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Our ceremony took place at 2pm and there were only about ten pollywogs who volunteered to go through the ceremony...although I'm sure there were many more who were hiding amongst the onlookers...we know who you are!!....
The captain joined in the fun and gave a bottle of aquavit to King Neptune as the fee for The Quest crossing his domain.

The usual gloop was flying around and as there were so few pollywogs they were well and truly covered. The ceremony ended as usual with the master of ceremonies and his henchmen being thrown into the pool where the captain gleefully joined them.
Tonight we were invited to a Grand Voyager Barbeque Dinner in The Spa Villa. Initially we were not sure we'd go as it started at 7pm - much too early for us - but we're glad we did attend (at about 8pm) as we dined with Vitor, the hotel manager and spent a few hours happily catching up on past times (last year's Sojourn World Cruise)....the food was good as well!!

For once we went to the show which was a Variety Showtime and it was a fun filled night full of singing, comedy and magic. It was really good and we enjoyed it.

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