Thursday, 9 February 2012

At Sea On The Way To Durban

Monday February 6th - Day 33

1:30am this morning in the Grand Salon -Superbowl  XLVI Party - New York Giants v New England Patriots. Apparently the Quest's food and beverage team supplied burgers, hot dogs and nachos as well as the usual drinks and about 40 Americans stayed up to watch - we weren't there ... in our bed by then!! The score the Giants beat the Patriots  21 - 17...sorry Arnold...your team were beaten again this year.
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Today the UK  papers are full of news about the arctic cold snap that has hit Europe for over a week and claimed nearly 300 lives, dumping snow as far south as Rome and North Africa. Also there is snow in the UK - Heathrow is closed...again!!. Glad we're here with 80°f+ temperatures!!
3:30pm I played my first game of shuffleboard - a knockout pairs competition - and we won!!...all thanks to Liana who scored all our contribution was 'nil points' but I did have good tactics. Guess what the prize was? - you've got it...a Seabourn peak.

The captain gave an announcement that tomorrow morning between 7:00am and 7:15am the pilot for Durban would be coming to the ship by helicopter...hopefully we will be up in time to get some photos...I'll set the alarm.
The temperature was so balmy this evening that we had an alfresco dinner on The Patio Grill. Vance had Nigerian Shrimps cooked in garlic butter. In fact the temperature has been so high today that apart from swimming in the pool and lazing on our sunbed and eating and drinking we have hardly done a sorry not many photos today.


  1. I've been following your blog as my husband and I will board the ship in Hong Kong on March 13. You've gotten me even more excited about the trip. I'm sorry we won't have the opportunity to meet.
    Would you comment on the next formal night what percentage of the gentlemen opt for formal wear? My husband would appreciate it as he decides whether to go formal or optional!

  2. Hi Sandra....thanks for following the blog. Yes it's a pity we are getting off in Singapore as there are several "followers" getting on that it would have been nice to meet. In Cape Town guesta came up to me and said 'hello Helen'...they recognised me!!
    Re formal night....I would say that the majority of men who go to the Main Restaurant wear a Tuxedo but many,including Vance,wear a dark suit with a tie or bow tie. At the other restaurants most just wear elegant casual - long trousers,shirt and jacket (no tie necessary). I will try and write about it in the blog later. Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks, Helen. I appreciate your response. Feel better!