Saturday, 11 February 2012

At Sea On Our Way To Mozambique

Wednesday February 8th - Day 35

Last night at 6:30pm (well it should have been - they were late as well as the VAT man!!) before we left Durban there was a local Zulu drum and dance show on the pool deck.
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A troupe of Zulus in their traditional garments showed off their acrobatic and dance skills. There was also a very young 'Zulu' who tried to copy the dance moves which everyone thought was cute.. ahh...the whole experience was very impressive especially as we hadn't gone into the interior in Durban to see a Zulu village.

The sunset was a wonderful picture opportunity this evening...hope you think my photographic efforts do it justice. Later that evening was another 'Rock The Boat' and this time it went ahead without mist, rain or storm.
Today was a lazy day at sea and although there were several lectures, a dance class and a painting class we just stayed on the deck for the day enjoying the sea air and balmy temperatures.

At 3:30pm the first 'Baggo' game finally took place - I didn't's the end of an hoo...should I retire now? The Baggo boards that had been built onboard by the ships carpenter look beautiful with the Seabourn crest on their slopes but they weren't laminated so the bags (filled with rice instead of beans) didn't slide properly ....perhaps that's why I lost - well that's what I'm claiming anyway.
Didn't make the show tonight...I still think the 10.00pm start time is too late we had a quick drink in The Club then off to our bed...zzzzzzzzz

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