Monday, 20 February 2012

Caviar In The Surf

Friday February 17th - Day 44

Caviar In The Surf is a Seabourn tradition in certain ports around the world but today the event was recreated in the swimming pool with officers, staff and crew in full uniform serving caviar from a surf board floating in the swimming pool and waiters pouring glass upon glass of chilled champagne to waiting guests. We guests either joined the servers in the pool or sat around the pools edge to be served at our leisure. The weather was perfect, the sea calm and obliging so a good time was had by all.
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The miracle has happened again, as like last year my nails have grown enough for me to be treated to a manicure in the Spa. What is it about cruising that allows me to grow my nails...I must be so relaxed that I never think about biting them...perhaps I should cruise more often Vance!!
Half an hour time forward today at 2pm so we're now five hours ahead of UK time.

Kinesis class at 4:30pm today and boy was it hard work as we've done no exercise for four days apart from walking around Mauritius. Perhaps we should have made a trip to the gym's treadmill...too late now!!
Tonight we had a table for eight people dining alfresco at The Colonnade - it was a set Chinese meal but several of the gentlemen decided to try all of the starters instead of just picking one. The weather was balmy, the seas were calm, the company excellent and the waiting staff were in good form...a brilliant end to the day.

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