Friday, 24 February 2012

At Sea - Day 1 Of 3

Wednesday February 22nd - Day 49

Feel quite tired this morning after losing another hour (clocks forward) last night and I'm reading the daily Seabourn Herald and find that as we are now going directly east they are going to 'pinch' another hour off me tonight!!
Cloudy start today but still hot and balmy so we should be able to spend a pleasant afternoon on deck.

As there's not a lot going on today I'll give you a quick photo tour of Seabourn Square and some of the artworks around the ship.
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Seabourn Square is the meeting place on the ship for teas, coffee, snacks, reading the papers, doing the jigsaw  and generally getting together. It also holds guest services in the centre of The Square who take care of any problems that may arise and generally give advice on matters around the ship and with destination services  and future cruise sales on one side of The can really be a busy hub especially when the weather is not too kind. If you like your tea & coffee in relative peace and quiet there is an outside area at the back of The Square with comfy chairs and settees with a view over the stern of the ship.
As we are coming to the end of our cruise - only five days to go... boo hoo - I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the blog followers both at home in the UK, onboard and around the world for all their lovely comments about the blog and a special mention to Brian and Margaret, previous world cruisers, who I'm sure won't mind me sharing their blog comment to us with you...

"Hi Helen and Vance.
It sounds like you are having an amazing time. Helen's blog and all the photographs have brought back so many memories of life on Seabourn and we've spotted quite a few familiar faces on the pics.

I bet you can't believe that you are on your last week. Life on the' outside' is hard to adjust back to. Actually I think that Helen has missed her calling. Her blog is such compulsive reading and so funny and informative that I think that Seabourn should pay you both to constantly cruise on their ships and write blogs of your travels. It would be the best marketing tool ever.  If it comes off don't forget your friends will you!
We'll keep in touch and we'll keep reading your blog and hope that you have another wonderful week on the ship.

Bye for now.
Love and best wishes
Margaret and Brian"
Thanks Brian and Margaret - great idea re Seabourn marketing. I will suggest it to them!!

Another hour forward tonight making us now seven and a half hours ahead of UK time...I think.


  1. Helen,
    Thanks for the Blog as you go along, great reading.
    Sorry that your cruise is coming to an end, we sail on Quest when she reaches Venice, after the "Worldie"
    Hopefully some of the staff will still be onboard, we have noticed some familiar faces.
    Hope that Belinda, she is a waitress in the Colonnade is still on when we arrive and she has not gone home. Would love to meet up with her again, she was so good at her job.
    All the best for the last few days.


  2. Rex...thank you for your kind comments. I spoke to Belinda and as far as she is aware she will be on The Quest in Venice. It's funny that we guests know each other by our Christian names and very rarely by our Surnames - while for the staff and crew it is visa versa.