Thursday, 16 February 2012

At Sea - It Should Have Been Reunion Island

Monday February 13th - Day 40

Oh what a night!! - really rough seas and our suite has creaked and groaned all night as the Quest negotiated the bottom of cyclone Giovanna. The pitch and roll of the ship was so noticeable in our suite - almost mid-ship on deck five - so I hate to think what it was like for those lucky (or unlucky) folk forward on deck ten!!
The swimming pool had been emptied overnight but due to the rocking and rolling of the ship it was deemed too dangerous to refill it and it was out of action for the day...a real pity as today it was so hot and a cooling dip would have been appreciated and also it's great fun to body surf when the pool gets really but dangerous as it's easy to get slammed against the end of the pool.
Basically we did nothing all day but eat, drink and sunbathe so I've included some pictures of a tour  - a very short tour - of our bathroom...luckily Vance wasn't in the bath at the time.  The Protea - South Africa's national flower which appears on their birth certificates, passports and the five rand coin really brightens up the bathroom....thanks Desi.
Techie bits: At 8:15am we were: 23° south and 55° east
Travelling on a compass course of 085°
Speed = 13 knots
Apparent wind speed = 45 knots off the starboard  bow
Air temperature = 28°c (82°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 11211
Depth = 4210 metres
Humidity 66%
Sunrise = 6:06am  Sunset = 7pm

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