Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Another Day At Sea Crossing The Atlantic

Sunday January 22nd - Day 18

Laundry day today - whoopee...Had an early breakfast so that I could grab a washing machine to do a full load of washing. There  are only four machines and four dryers on the ship for the guests to use. Luckily they are all on our deck - deck 5 - so I can run along the corridor and check when one is available. There are also four ironing boards available ... I don't usually iron but I've made an exception for Vance's shirts on this cruise...phew, thank goodness that's over for another week.
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Actually Seabourn are now offering a "laundry in a bag" service where they will launder and press all the items you can fit into the laundry bag (no dry cleaning though) at a total charge of $50 per bag. If you could cram more than ten items in the bag it works out at good value. Vance says "no, you do the washing Helen and I'll have the $50 towards my massage!!"
Another half an hour forward this afternoon so we're now only an hour behind UK time.

Disaster  this afternoon...Vance ripped his favourite cut-off pirate pants on the back of the sunbed. Several guests came up with a few ideas on how 'I' could repair them but those of you who know my needlework skills will know it's a no go area. Instead I gave the pants to Jerry the resident tailor who returned them a few hours later with a perfect invisible mend...thanks Jerry and Seabourn!!
Those of you who followed our last year's Sojourn blog may remember a picture of the ship's mascot on deck 5 - the dachshund. The Quest has a different mascot - 'The Diver' by Ola Enstad. Vance has christened him 'Dan The Diver'.

Techie bits: At 8am we were: 22° south and 31° west
Travelling on a compass course of 081°
Speed = 18 knots
Apparent wind speed = 32 knots off the bow
Air temperature = 25°c (77°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 5310
Sea depth = 4650 metres (when the sea depth first came up on the TV screen it read 9 metres...we thought we were having a Costa moment then we realised the screen hadn't refreshed properly...luckily for us it was a mistake...phew!!
Humidity = 66%

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