Thursday, 12 January 2012

At Sea

Tuesday 10th January - Day 6

It was quite rough last night as the captain was pushing on trying to make up some lost time from our delayed departure from Barbados yesterday.
Cloudy morning so caught up with friends in The Seabourn Square, read the Daily Mail (sad eh!!) to catch up with events at home, then just chilled with coffee and a danish pastry.

At twelve noon as promised by the bridge the skies cleared and we managed to keep our noon cold beer ritual. Lunch at The Colonnade - just salad - honest...but two glasses of crispy, dry white Gavi (Italian wine) followed by some sunbed time before dragging ourselves away from the rays to go to our 4:30pm kinesis class.
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I'd like to say it was easier today...but that would be a fib. Vance has nicknamed our trainer 'Marvin The Stritch' as that's what it sounds like when he tells us to stretch in his South African accent.
We had dinner with Arnie and Ingrid tonight - they had bagged our favourite table the last few nights as they get to the restaurant a lot earlier than us so they suggested we dine together tonight to share "the table" - a good way to make new friends.

Here's  some info for the techie boys. At 8am this morning we were:
10° north and 57° west
Travelling on a compass course of 140°
Speed = 18 knts
Wind speed = 30 knots off the port bow
Air temperature = 26°c (79°f)
Total miles sailed = 1653
Sea depth = 3760 metres


  1. My wife Vivienne and I (Howard) are going on our very first Seabourn Cruise from Hong Kong to Dubai in March. This is because our daughter Francesca Berlin is lead singer on the Quest. Apart from missing her terribly we are eager to see her perform. It is with interest we have been following your Blog. Please say hello to Francesca. Have a great time and hope you enjoy the shows!


  2. Hi Howard, thanks for following the blog....will say hello to Francesca from you when I see her...we get off in Singapore but the guests who are staying on are a great bunch so you will have a great time and the Seabourn Quest is a great will love your stay ponboard.
    xxx Helen