Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Galley Market Lunch

Saturday January 14th - Day 10

Today it was Galley Market Lunch where Executive Chef Graeme and the entire food and beverage department presented a culinary feast. The cold starters and desserts were laid out in the main restaurant while the hot foods - starters and mains - were prepared and served throughout the galley.
It's a great chance to see where all of our wonderful foods are prepared and to meet the individual chefs at each food station.

The only problem with this of course is it all looks so delicious you end up with too much food and with the wine flowing freely we needed to retire to our sunbed for an afternoon snooze in the shade.

Fourth Kinesis class today but after all that food it was hard work, Marvin 'The Stritch' pushed us even harder...give us a break Marv!!
Dined in The Colonnade this evening...Chinese .... the appetiser was a choice of roasted duck pancake Shanghai  style with spicy cucumber  and plum sauce or steamed pork dim sum with a sweet chilli sauce. Vance couldn't decide which so guess what...he had both...I don't know how he stays so slim!!

This was followed by Szechuan Chicken for me and Sweet And Sour Shrimp for Vance. Lucky we had that workout earlier.
Showtime tonight was mezzo soprano Heather Clancy. Her intro was described as 'A tart, effervescent take on the solemn world of opera..... and John the cruise director managed to put a long pause after the word tart which of course brought laughs from the audience - he quickly tongue in cheek apologised. Luckily for John she took it all in good fun otherwise she would have had his guts for garters.

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