Saturday, 14 January 2012

Crossing The Equator

Thursday January 12th - Day 8

Crossing the Equator
The "crossing the line" ceremony is a time honoured tradition to commemorate a sailor's first crossing of the equator. The ceremony is carried out to appease King Neptune, god of the seas.

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Our Pollywogs (those who have never crossed the equator) had to stand trial for various misdemeanours concocted by the master of ceremonies and had to plead guilty or not guilty. Not surprisingly whatever they pleaded they were found guilty by King Neptune and sentenced to be covered in multi coloured gloop and to "kiss the fish" before being pushed into the swimming pool. We Shellbacks having already suffered the ceremony on previous crossings could just heckle the Pollywogs and enjoy the entertainment.

Although we were only watching, Vance managed to get glooped as well - Pollywog Marvin The Stritch who was covered head to toe in gloop saw Vance and rushed over to give him a big was really funny until I had to spend half an hour trying to get the gloop out of Vance's clothes (luckily he had swimming trunks and a t-shirt on) and hair....the hair on his arms and chest that is!!

Dinner outside at the Colonnade again tonight...Polynesian....and the Hawaiian Chic ken was fabulous....I am going to get the  recipe....for Vance to cook at home.

Well we finally made it to a show....."Showtime with Singer and Entertainer Paul Fredericks". He's one of those singers who has a fantastic range and is just as comfortable singing 'up in the gods' as 'down in the basement'. His material ranged from fifties and sixties pop to west end show tunes and even some classical. This was interspersed with a good comedy patter and surprise, surprise it turned out that he has family in Bristol...small world!!

In bed by 11:15pm ship time our latest yet zzzzzzzzz.

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