Friday, 27 January 2012

Fourth Day At Sea

Tuesday January 24th - Day 20

Getting ever closer to St. Helena but still a long way to go. The temperature is lower than we thought it would be, only 75°f, but the wind has dropped and it's like a beautiful English mid-summer day.
Clocks forward thirty minutes at 2pm today so I think we're now on UK time.

At 3pm there was the infamous Seabourn event The Tug Of War where teams from the ship's crew challenge each other in a tug of war knock out system.

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The teams this year were:
Housekeeping - The Zorras
Dining Room - Caviar
Bar Department - The Rob Roys
Bridge Staff - The Skimmers
Chefs - Caviar Defenders
Dining Room (another team) - The Pancakes
Deck Department - The Bulldozers
Pursers - Zulu Pursers
Engine Room - Boiler Room Boys
Entertainers - High C's
Carpenters - The Screwers
Galley Utilities - The Blue Boys

John Barron our cruise director was the master of ceremonies and the captain was the starter and referee. It was the best of three pulls for each challenge and each of the teams were noisily supported by us, the watching guests and other staff and crew members.

After a close contest the final came down to The Rob Roys against The Pancakes. John said 'what a dilemma, who do I's between drinks and food...guess I'm on a drinks only diet tonight' .... a prophesy as The Rob Roys finally won...well done Seabourn Quest teams.
Decided to have room service tonight just pizza and a bottle of Chianti Classico sitting on the bed watching the film Contagion, then early to sleep.

Techie bits: At 9:30am we were:
19° south and 17° west
Travelling on a compass course of 078°
Speed = 14.5 knots
Apparent wind speed = 33 knots off the starboard bow
Air temperature = 24°c (75°f)
Total nautical miles sailed = 6145 (it seems we're right in the middle of the Atlantic - see photo)
Sea depth = 3730 metres
Humidity = 67%

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