Thursday, 19 January 2012

At Sea On Our Way To Salvador de Bahia

Monday January 16th - Day 12

A strange morning, first it's hot and sunny - really hot about 87f - then out of nowhere there is a sudden downpour. Everyone runs for cover and the pool boys and waiters rush to bring the towels and cushions under cover. Ten minutes later the sun comes out and we start the cycle all over again. After the third time we gave up and went to The Square for coffee - no danish though.
There was an obstacle course golf putting competition at The Retreat on deck 11 but we didn't make it...rained off...Vance should have brought his wet weather gear - he might have won!!
We also didn't make it to that morning's line dancing class (sorry Michelle) or the cooking demo (sorry Graeme) in fact it seems that once we get into The Square and I bury my nose in The Daily Mail time seems to disappear...Vance gets some him only time...ah...
Kinesis this afternoon where the class seems to be getting smaller as the exercise become harder - we're still there though. After class I spent some time on the computer catching up with blog text and emails etc.
We were invited to dine on a hosted table by Michelle our social hostess and this time we accepted  and really enjoyed meeting the nine other guests.
No Photo Show Today - but there will be loads of photos tomorrow in Salvador.

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