Thursday, 26 January 2012

Third Day At Sea Heading For St. Helena

Monday January 23rd - Day 19

Have decided that today will be a slob-out day - the day where we haven't done things. We haven't done the bridge tour or the shuffleboard tournament or the enrichment lecture or trivia in fact apart from laying by the pool in the sun the first we have done is have our noon day beer and gone to lunch!!
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Another half an hour forward at 2pm today and then more of the same...not doing things...chill!!
I don't know if I'm coming or going at the moment, these time changes are doing my head in - I lay down to have a snooze after lunch and it's time for the gym (not the wine at lunch of course!!).

Yes it's kinesis day again and it's still not getting much easier. While we were at kinesis there was a fashion show in the observation bar featuring the fashion and jewellery items from the boutique. We missed it because we were in the gym but I will try and get photos from one of the guests and post them up here later.
We have decided to have some fun with Dan The Diver - he will have a fan club with people posing for pictures and he will enjoy some fashionable moments throughout the rest of our cruise - so keep checking back folks.

Formal night tonight, Murat the guest services manager invited us to his hosted table which we have accepted. We had a lovely time but Vance has put his foot down and said 'that's enough of hosted tables - too many people'  - but we will join John Barron (Cruise Director and a brummie boy) on his hosted table at some time before the end of our quest - we promised!!

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